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2009 US Soccer Referee Directives

Note the year of these directives! Much of the material here is out of date, but left for historical reference. There are some golden nuggets here. Do not use these directives as the final word on some topic but rather some perspective on issues to consider.

The ten (10) Directives are provided to assist in the management of games at the highest levels and, hence, are of interest not only to match officials but coaches and administrators as well. The objective of the Directives is to provide a more unified and consistent approach in key areas of game management.

  • Free Kick and Restart Management(.pdf)
  • Dissent(.pdf)
  • 100% Misconduct - Tactical and Red Card Tackles(.pdf)
  • Assistant Referee Involvement(.pdf)
  • Contact Above the Shoulder (.pdf)
  • Game Disrepute and Mass Confrontation (.pdf)
  • Game Management Model - Flow Risk Taking Game Control (.pdf)
  • Handling the Ball(.pdf)
  • Injury Management(.pdf)
  • Managing the Technical Area(.pdf)