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Request an Assessment

Massachusetts referees may request an assessment at any time, subject to a few basic guidelines:

  • Note: Due to resource constraints, MSRC has adopted the following temporary policy: Assessment requests (for upgrade or maintenance) will not be fulfilled until after the requesting referee passes the required fitness test.
  • You must be a currently registered Massachusetts referee in good standing
  • The game must be affiliated with USSF through one of the sanctioned leagues in Massachusetts
  • The game must be a full-sided game (11v11)

Additional requirements exist for assessments done for the purpose of upgrading to or maintaining an advanced grade:

  • The game must be assigned with neutral assistant referees
  • The game must be of sufficient level and at least 90 minutes in duration to qualify

Not every request for assessment will be filled. We cannot promise to see every game, so please be patient and consider giving us several options of when you will be working. Follow these steps in order to request an assessment:

  • Log into MSRC Central
  • Once logged in look for Request an Assessment in the Referee Quick Links section
  • Fill out all the required information and hit the submit button.