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Referee Upgrades

All referees affiliated with FIFA have a designated referee grade. The grade indicates the qualification of the referee to officiate at various levels of local, national and international soccer competition. Most referees begin their careers as Grassroots Referee (formerly Grade 8, see Referee Grades Explained) having taken the entry training course. The next step is Regional Referee. Preparation for the next level involves amassing game experience at highest level youth games and adult amateur game. Each referee is responsible for keeping track of games worked as your Game Log Form will be a useful part of your confirming your eligibility for advancement.

This US Soccer article lists the requirements for all referee levels for the year:

Other Links that will help you:

  • From within your MSRC Central account, Request an Assessment for an assigned game of an appropriate level to be considered for upgrade.
  • See the Fitness Test Schedule to find an event to fulfill your fitness requirement.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us with questions about referee advancement.