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The State Referee Committee

The Massachusetts State Referee Committee, Inc. (MSRC) is the state association for the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). The MSRC is mandated to provide referee training, certification, assessment, and education for soccer officials working in youth, adult amateur and professional matches played in the commonwealth of Massachusetts under the jurisdiction of USSF or its member organizations.

As the sport of soccer has grown, so has the committee. Today there are over 5,000 certified USSF referees in Massachusetts, officiating more than 150,000 competitions annually. Click the links to see a copy of our corporate by-laws and articles of organization.

State Committee

State Referee Administrator (SRA) Richard J Frongillo
State Youth Referee Administrator (SYRA) Elie Nassif
State Director of Instruction (SDI) Kara Honthumb
State Director of Assessment (SDA) Elie Nassif (acting)
State Director of Assignment
a.k.a. State Assignor Coordinator (SAC)
Fred Corey
State Director of Mentoring Kevin Suares
Executive Assistant Diana McKee
Treasurer Richard J Frongillo
Secretary Brian Treanor
Course Administrator Diana McKee
Futsal Administrator Soorena Farboodmanesh
Past State Referee Administrator E-Mail
Webmaster Zach Levin
MSRC Counsel Jim Triplett
Special Events Ken Moore
ARA Western Mass Jeff Heinze
ARA Central Mass vacant
ARA Northeastern Mass Fred Corey (acting)
ARA East Central Mass vacant
ARA Southeastern Mass Joe Mendes
ARA Eastern Mass vacant
ARA Cape and Islands Rob Akie


The MSRC is dedicated to serving all levels of the sport of soccer in this state through the training and development of referees. In cooperation with the State Associations and with USSF, the MSRC shall govern, coordinate and administer the referee development program within the state.


The Massachusetts State Referee Committee shall fulfill its mission by maintaining and continuing to develop a highly professional and effective organization to provide referee development and support at every stage of the referee’s career.


The MSRC shall achieve its goals through effectively meeting these objectives:

  1. cooperating with the USSF and state associations governing adult and youth soccer and their affiliated leagues and organizations;
  2. administering referee registration, recertification and grade management to meet the composite needs of competition throughout the state;
  3. instructing referees with timely and innovative training throughout their career;
  4. offering every referee the opportunity to develop to their full potential through assessment and mentoring;
  5. fostering referee teamwork and fellowship to further promote peer mentoring and esprit de corps;
  6. advocating and enhancing the assignment process to meet both the needs of the competition and foster development of the referees;
  7. promoting exceptional referees to extend their careers to the national and/or international arena.