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Laws of the Game
2018-2019 Laws of the Game 05/28/2018
2018-2019 Reglas de Juego (Español) 05/28/2018
2016-2017 Amendments to the Laws of the Game 02/03/2017
2016-2017 Modificaciones en las Reglas de Juego (Español) 02/03/2017
2014-2015 Futsal Laws of the Game 09/09/2015
2014-2015 Amendments to the Futsal Laws of the Game 09/09/2015

Other Publications
Cautionable and Sending-Off Offenses (.pdf) 06/10/2012
Advantage Update (presentation) 06/10/2012
Ask Tell Dismiss (presentation) 06/10/2012
LOTG Made Easy (.pdf) 12/14/2014
Offside Made Easy (.pdf) 09/09/2015
Advice For New Referees (.pdf) 06/25/2018
2018 MSRC Starter Kit Flyer (.pdf) 05/18/2018
USSF Standards of Dress and Appearance (.pdf) 05/18/2018
Step by Step - An Individual's Guide to Printing Their Own Registration Card & History (.pdf) 05/23/2018