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Below you can find a table of the latest USSF Position Papers and Memos as released by the USSF.

I Got Ball!(.pdf) 08/05/2011
LAW CHANGE: Feinting during the taking of a PK(.pdf) 08/25/2009
When Defenders leave the Field(.pdf) 08/12/2009
Law 4 and Hair Control Devices(.pdf) 06/08/2009
7+7: Sending off and Cautionable Offenses (.pdf) 05/14/2009
Headsets in the Technical Area (.pdf) 04/29/2009
Technical Area and Signage(.pdf) 04/21/2009
Head Injuries (.pdf) 03/30/2009
Serious Injuries(.pdf, YouTube) 03/26/2009
Offside - Interfering With Play (.pdf, YouTube) 03/25/2009
Priority of Assistant Referee Responsibilities (.pdf) 03/24/2009
Courageous Call (.pdf) 02/13/2009
Player-Coaches (.pdf) 11/11/2008
Player Jerseys (.pdf) 10/21/2008
Disallowed Goal From a Passback Violation (.pdf, YouTube) 07/31/2008
Striking(.pdf) 07/03/2008
Rescinding a Card (.pdf) 06/26/2008
'Pass Back' Violation (.pdf, YouTube) 05/21/2008
Offside On A Corner Kick (.pdf, YouTube) 04/24/2008
Allowance for Time Lost (.pdf) 04/22/2008
Advantage and the Penalty Area (.pdf, YouTube) 04/11/2008
Match Reports and Discipline (.pdf) 04/07/2008
Objects on Field (.pdf) 04/03/2008
Offside Issues (.pdf, YouTube) 10/16/2007
Obvious Goal-Scoring Opportunity - Opinion of the Referee (.pdf, YouTube) 09/25/2007
Violations of Law 14 (.pdf) 08/01/2007
Offside and Interfering with Play (.pdf, YouTube) 07/26/2007
Quick Free Kicks (.pdf, YouTube) 06/22/2007
Offside - Classic Offside Situation (.pdf, YouTube) 05/04/2007
Quick Free Kicks versus Ceremonial Restarts(.pdf, YouTube) 04/18/2007
Offside - Is Touching the Ball a Requirement?(.pdf, YouTube) 04/18/2007
Gesturing for a Card - Misconduct (.pdf) 04/05/2007
Padded Goal Structures (.pdf) 03/19/2007
Increasing the Communication Effectiveness of The Officiating Team(.pdf) 02/28/2007
Use of Elbow (.pdf) 01/15/2007
Behavior in the Technical Area (.pdf) 01/12/2007
Law 11 - Offside - Interfering with Play and an Opponent (.pdf, Google Video) 08/25/2006
Fouls, Misconduct and Restarts (.pdf, Google Video) 08/21/2006
Contact with Game Officials (.pdf, Google Video) 08/09/2006
Status of Sent Off Players (.pdf) 07/07/2006
Obvious Goal-Scoring Opportunity - Advantage(.pdf) 06/12/2006
Law 15 - Throw In (.pdf) 03/26/2006
Impermissible Behavior by Team Officials in Professional Matches (.pdf) 03/22/2006
Penalty Kicks and the 2005-2006 Law Changes (.pdf) 09/06/2005
Offside(.pdf) 09/08/2005
Offside - Law 11 (.pdf) 08/24/2005
Instructions to Referees & Resolutions Affecting Team Coaches and Players (.pdf) 04/27/2005
Handling Offenses (.pdf) 04/27/2005
Dealing with Severe Weather (.pdf) 04/27/2005
Feinting at the Taking of a Penalty Kick (.pdf) 04/01/2005
Changes in the Laws of the Game for 2005 (.pdf) 03/29/2005
The Field of Play (Equipment and Devices)(.pdf) 03/29/2005
Send-Offs for Receiving a Second Caution (.pdf) 10/12/2004
Kicks from the Penalty Mark (.pdf) 10/14/2004
Automatic Suspension Following an Expulsion from a Match (.pdf) 11/14/2003
Players Wearing Non-Compulsory Equipment (.pdf) 09/03/2003
Cardable Offenses and the Restart of Play (.pdf) 08/26/2003
Law 4 - Players Equipment (Jewelry)(.pdf) 03/17/2003
Misconduct Involving Language/Gestures (.pdf) 03/14/2003
Mass Confrontation (.pdf) 03/14/2003
Player's Equipment(.pdf) 03/07/2003
Managing Match Time (.pdf) 03/04/2003
Instructional Documents (Memoranda and Position Papers)(.pdf) 01/13/2003
Rescinding a Displayed Card for Misconduct (.pdf) 01/06/2003
Sequential Infringements of the Law (.pdf)11/22/2002
Abandoning a Match Due to Insufficient Number of Players (.pdf) 11/22/2002
Misconduct by Attackers at a Free Kick (.pdf) 11/22/2002
No Replacement for Player Sent Off after the Game Has Started (.pdf) 11/22/2002
Player Dress (.pdf) 11/22/2002
Positioning at Free Kick Restarts (.pdf) 11/22/2002
Restarts after Striking, Throwing or Spitting (.pdf)11/22/2002
Jersey Sleeves Rule Suspended (.pdf) 11/04/2002
Mandatory Suspension Following Dismissal (.pdf) 10/22/2002
Obvious Goal-Scoring Opportunity Denied - The 4 Ds (.pdf) 09/16/2002
Misconduct and Display of Cards (.pdf) 08/26/2002
Kicks from the Penalty Mark, The “Reduce to Equate” Principle (.pdf) 06/11/2002
Availability of Water During a Match (.pdf) 04/06/2002
Medical Alert Jewelry and Law 4 (.pdf) 10/29/2001
Players Temporarily off the Field Involvement of Fourth Official (.pdf) 04/23/2001
Shinguards (.pdf) 03/20/2001
Throw-In to Keeper by Teammate (.pdf) 01/01/2000
Ceremonial Restart after Misconduct (.pdf) 10/26/1999
Removing the Jersey While Celebrating a Goal (.pps)
Electronic Flags (.pdf)