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Pre-Enroll In a Clinic Recertification FAQ

Recertification is an annual requirement for all referees. It is also an excellent opportunity to refresh one's education about the game. The MSRC administrative and instructional staff has been working hard to prepare for the recertification season for referees in Massachusetts to create an atmosphere that is conducive to sharing ideas and experiences about refereeing.

Registration will be done concurrently with recertification as has been done in Massachusetts for the past several years. All pre-enrollment is done through this web site. Please note - you will now be able to print your own registration letter directly from the web site. Prepayment is required. This letter contains all of the information you will need, just bring it with you to the clinic. If you lose your letter, you can print another one at any time prior to your attending the clinic.

It is required that you will pre-enroll through this website for the clinic you plan to attend. Pre-enrollment information will allow us to make any adjustments in advance of the clinics to accommodate the anticipated attendees.

The Recertification web section (this page and direct links) attempts to answer all questions related to recertification for this year. You will find dates, times, places, fees, policies. Before sending e-mail or calling to ask questions, please read through this material carefully. The Question and Answer document contains answers to the most common questions.