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Q1: Who must recertify?

Every Massachusetts referee certified and registered with the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) must recertify every year, regardless of grade.


NOTE: If you sign up &pay for a Recertification Clinic then need to switch date/location, log into your MassRef account and drop your Registration on your 'My Courses' page, sign up on an alternate and choose the PAY BY CHECK option. Then email to get your payment transferred.


Q2: What are the Recertification requirements?

All Recertifying Referee must log into their MassRef Account to sign up on a Clinic and pay. There will be NO online only option for 2018 Recertification.

The Annual Re-Certification requirements for all Grades of Referee, including Futsal, are as follows:

In-Service Training Minimum 4 Hour Classroom Session
Laws of the Game Test 50 Question Test
80% Passing Grade


Q3: What is new this year?


There will be NO online only option for 2018 Recertification. All Recertifying Referees must ATTEND a Clinic.

Mass Youth Soccer Adult Registration

Mass Youth Soccer requires that every certified Referee, aged 18 years and older, that is involved in Youth Soccer must be registered.
Even if you are registered through another Youth Soccer role, you must regsiter again as a Referee through Massref.

The Massachusetts State Referee Committee will require that all certified Referees aged 17 and older at December 31 2017, will follow this process to become a registered adult.

1. You must upload a photo into your Massref profile that meets the passport standards. See this webpage for a full description of the standards,

2. You must print your registration letter and bring it with you to the session.

3. You must bring a drivers license or government issued photo id to the session.

4. You will be asked to present your registration letter and photo id to a Massref official for validation.

Laws of the Game test

For those attending a regular recertification, a test on the Laws of the Game will be part of the classroom session. For those attending a US Officials session, a test on the Laws of the Game must be completed prior to attending.


Q4: When must I Recertify?

Recertifcation classes run from July 2017 to March 2018. Classes are schedule during the Summer and at every major holiday to enable students, who are away at college, to attend. You can attend any Clinic on the schedule.

The USSF Registration Year runs January 1 to December 31. Registration for the 2018 year closes on 30 June 2018, it is not possible to be certified for 2018 after that date. If you are certified for 2017, you must recertify for 2018 by completing the Recertification requirement between July 2017 and March 2018.

The November 2017 - February 2018 schedule of Recertification classes will be published for sign up in September 2017.

Q5: How do I enroll in a Clinic?

Log into your MassRef Account at and select "Course Schedule" from the menu at the top of the screen.

Select the Recertification Clinic you would like to attend and click "enroll" on the right of the screen. You can use the "Advanced Search" function on the right near the top of the Course Schedule screen to view only 2018 Recertification classes. Add your zip code to find the Clinics nearest to your location.

Carefully read and follow the instructions on each screen. Payment information is given during the enrollment process.

Successful enrollment will generate a system automated email, to the email address you have entered on your MassRef Account.

Q6: I enrolled in one of the Annual Recertification Clinics and haven't received a confirmation, what should I do?

E-mail confirmations should be sent immediately. If you did not receive one, you should check that any spam filtering did not mistakenly catch the confirmation. You can also see the confirmation message on your Main page when you are logged into the web site. If you are still concerned of your status, you can contact the Course Administrator.

Q7: How do I access the Online Modules

There are NO online modules required for 2018 Grade 8 Recertification.

Q8: What should I bring to the Grade 8 clinic?

Referees should bring: a notebook and pen or pencil for taking notes during the session, a list of questions that they would like addressed at the meeting, and a willingness to share your experiences.
Also bring the printed, signed &dated, Registration Letter, to hand in as proof of attendance. To get to the Registration Letter you must:

1. Go to and log in.
2. Click on the tab near the top of the screen labeled "My Courses"
3. The "Print Registration Letter" link appears is on the right of the screen alongside your listed enrollment. You will not be able to print the letter until you have submitted payment.

Attendees aged 17 and older - You MUST bring a driver's license or government issued photo ID to the session.
You cannot be certified until the Adult Registration process has been successfully completed.

If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact the Course Administrator.

Q9: Do I have to attend the Grade 8 clinic in my area?

No, you can attend any 2018 Recertification Clinic on the list. If you miss one nearest you, you can go to any of the others.

Q10: Can I just drop off the registration letter or have a friend bring it for me?

No, you must be there in person. The purpose of the clinic is to update you on law changes and provide advanced instruction appropriate to your level of experience. Late arrival or early departure from the clinic may result in you not being recertified.

Q11: How long will a Recertification Clinic be?

All clinics are expected to start at 8:30am and are expected to complete at 1pm. Arrival is encouraged at 8:15am to allow the staff to organize the sessions and get started on time. Registration Letters will be collected only at the end of the clinic from those who have participated for the entire clinic. Arrival after 9am and departure before 12 noon will require make up work.

Q12: Can I stay for part of the Recertification Clinic and still be recertified?

No. Plan your schedule accordingly. Arrival after 9am and departure before 12 noon will require make up work. You will not be recertified until all of the requirements have been met.

Q13: What is the cost for attending a Recertification Clinic?

There is a course fee that should be paid in advance at the time of enrollment. The fee amount varies according to referee grade level. The following table shows the amounts due:

Referee Grade

Amount Due if registering with USSF prior to 15 March 2018

Amount Due if registering with USSF on or after 15 March 2018 (includes additional fee)

Grade 8



Grade 7



Grade 6



Grade 5



Grade 4



Grade 3



Grade 2



Grade 1



National Emeritus



State Emeritus






Q14: Can I attend a Recertification Clinic if I did not recertify last year?

Yes. Referees are expected to maintain their certification from year to year. If the referee does let his or her registration lapse for 1-4 years, we can Recertify them upon completion of all the requirements (See Q2). A lapse of 5 years or more requires re-taking the full class. This policy is in place to assist in cases when referees have been injured or had some other unusual occurrence. However, this is not an advisable alternative and there are some considerable drawbacks for referees when this happens. Among other things, assignors may bypass them in favor of more experienced referees. This will also have a negative effect on the referee. (Please note, recertification at a summer clinic will update your eligibility for the following year. If you are not currently certified, you will not be eligible for fall assignments. ie. Attend August 2018 recertification clinic; eligible for January to December 2019)

Q15: I am away in college, and cannot get to any of the clinics. What do I do?

Referees must renew their annual USSF registration at a designated Recertification Clinic to remain on the list of active referees and lists authorized for assignors. Recertification courses are held in Massachusetts from July to March, with several held during holiday periods when students return home. Due to the Adult Registration requirements outlined in Q3, it will not be possible for students to recertify for 2018 in another state . If no other options exist, please see Question 19.

Q16: I still have not recertified but I want to ref, what else can I do?

Please send email to if you want to know what options are available to you.

Q17: I recently moved to Massachusetts from another state where I was certified. What do I do to certify here in Massachusetts?

All transfers to and from State Associations are usually coordinated by the State Referee Administrator from the state which the referee is leaving, however you may contact the Massachusetts SRA directly by e-mail.

Q18: I took a Grade 8 course in the Summer, do I have to attend a Re-certification class?

After successfully completing a Grade 8 class in the Summer of 2017, you are certified until 31 December 2018. While you are not required to attend a Re-certification class, it is an excellent opportunity to listen to more experienced Referees share their experiences. You do not need to enroll or pay to attend.

Q19: If I have any other questions regarding Recertification requirements what should I do?

If your questions have not been answered on this webpage, feel free to contact the MSRC by e-mail.