Ferragamo Captures Top Region I Youth Honor

June 03, 2004 - We are proud to announce that Anthony Ferragamo of Easton has been named by Region I as the Young Male Referee of the Year for the entire 13 state area!! Ferragamo, who received the nod as Massachusetts' Young Male Referee of the Year back on March 17th, can add this honor to his list of accomplishments as a youth soccer referee.  

Anthony recently learned that he won the award at a meeting of referees who will attend the Region I Tournament this coming July. "My jaw just dropped and all I could say was, 'Wow!' I was astonished," said Ferragamo when asked to describe how he felt when he heard the news.

Anthony is humble when he reflects on his accomplishment thanking many of the people who helped him along the way.  "I owe this award especially to John Devonshire and John Utter.  Mr. Devonshire is my assignor in the South Shore League; he gave me the experience and advice that was necessary to excel.  I met Mr. Utter last year (2003) at the Needham Memorial Day Tournament; he gave me the opportunity to officiate MTOC and State Cup and to continue to hone my skills in higher level games." 

When asked how he would advise young referees who aspire to become the Young Referee of the Year he offers, "The players are out there doing their best all the time, a referee should approach the match with the same enthusiasm and enjoy the game. If you are continually trying to improve, through analyzing your own games, assessments, and seeking advice from more experienced officials, you will be noticed."

As the Region I winner of the Youth Referee of the Year award, Anthony joins previous Massachusetts winners Kate Reynolds, Jeffrey Rousseau and Jeffrey Turner. Anthony is now a candidate to receive the National Youth Referee of the Year award. The only other Massachusetts referee to be so honored was Erich Simmons in 1994. Please join us in congratulating Anthony Ferragamo on his achievement, we know that this is only the beginning for this rising star!