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Angelo Bratsis inducted into USASA Hall of Fame

Angelo Bratsis of Norwood was inducted into the US Adult Soccer Association Hall of Fame in a ceremony held on September 28 in Palm Springs, California.  "Angelo" is a refereeing legend in the United States, and his list of on-field accomplishments knows no equal.  He was a member of the FIFA Panel of International Referees for 12 years beginning in 1980 and represented the United States in 13 countries on four continents.  Along the way he refereed more than 130 international matches, including 25 class A matches.  He has refereed in no fewer than five professional leagues.  

Beyond refereeing excellence, Angelo has been instrumental in building the instructional program for the Federation.  He has been on the National Assessor staff for over 30 years, and the National Instructional staff for more than 40.  

It has been in this capacity of Coach and Mentor that Angelo has had an immeasurable effect on the game in Massachusetts and throughout the country.  He has been appointed Supervisor/Assessor/ Instructor to countless Regional and National Adult and Youth tournaments, guiding referees as they seek their own level of excellence.  Literally every referee that passes through the Amateur ranks on their way up the ladder is familiar with and grateful for the instruction Angelo has provided.  In his current role, Angelo Chairs the USASA Referee Committee.  He continues to set standards and is unwavering in his support of referees.

Photo L-R:  Consalvo Turchi; Hank Steinbrecher; Angelo Bratsis; Andy Weiss; John Motta


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