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Want to Recertify But Can't Make a Clinic?

Referees are required to complete five hours of in-service training annually to maintain their referee grade certification. The Massachusetts State Referee Committee (MSRC) offers several recertification clinics to satisfy that requirement. These clinics provide an opportunity for referees to get together to share thoughts and ideas which is a very good way to improve our refereeing and helps us all move towards higher standards of professionalism. We do recognize, however, that there are some circumstances that make it impossible for some referees to attend a clinic.

The MSRC is willing to work with officials who are interested in recertifying despite not being able to make it to a recertification clinic. Such individuals will have to do some work (in lieu of attendance) and be patient (those registering through a clinic will be given priority) to fulfill the requirements when failing to attend a regular, in-service training session.

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