Young Referee of the Year

Each year, the Massachusetts State Referee Committee and Massachusetts Youth Soccer honor the Young Referee of the Year. The Massachusetts selection is also considered for the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) Region 1 Young Referee of the Year, and the USYSA National Referee of the Year.

Mass Youth Soccer names 2004 Young Referees of the Year

March 17, 2004

Mass Youth Soccer announced today that Jillian Triplett (Oxford) and Anthony Ferragamo (Easton) have been named as the Massachusetts Young Female and Male Referee of the Year. Their names will be forwarded as our candidates for the Region One Young Referee of the Year Award. Regional winners go on for consideration at the National level.

Massachusetts enjoys a long line of very capable young people, many of which have been honored either as nominees or winners of the annual award (for a complete list go here). Massachusetts Young Referee of the Year recipients include three Regional and one National winner in the past ten years.

jillian.jpg - 8412 BytesJillian Triplett, a Worcester Academy graduate and currently a student at Wheaton (MA) College, is no stranger to the soccer scene. A referee since 1999, Jillian has worked many levels of competition up to and including MAPLE, State Cup, MTOC, ODP Regionals and Youth Regionals. Jillian recently attended the NISOA camp in Elizabethtown, PA as well. Jillian’s off the field activities have led to a Presidential Student Service Commendation for working over 100 hours in a calendar year devoted to community service, and a Bernon Community Service Award from Worcester Academy. Her various hobbies range from scuba to being a licensed pilot.

anthony2.jpg - 7626 BytesAnthony Ferragamo, a high school senior, plays both soccer and lacrosse. John Devonshire (South Shore League central assignor) describes Anthony as “low key, quiet and respectful. His mannerisms are non confrontational and direct”. Anthony’s abilities earned him a spot in the South Shore League semi finals and finals, not to mention appearances in MTOC and State Cup last year. Anthony volunteers for a variety of activities including number of community service functions. From volunteer time at the State Park to Youth Ministry work, he is very active in his church and is currently the youngest ever member of his Church Board. Bentley and Northeastern are Anthony’s leading choices for college.

Jillian and Anthony are looking forward to MTOC and State Cup in preparation for their trip to US Youth Regionals in Rhode Island this summer.