MSRC Hosts Advanced Referee Training Clinic

Bob Wertz To Lead Seminar On Higher Level Thinking As An Official

Please join us for a special advanced clinic Saturday, December 10 from 9AM to 1PM at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield.

There is no charge for this special event.

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The topic for this, not-to-be-missed, advanced seminar :

Higher Level Thinking As An Official: Beyond Simple Reaction.

Session Summary:

This promises to be a unique session, which will challenge conventional & same-old, same-old thinking. It is geared towards critical thinking on higher cognitive levels during a match. Topics to be discussed will include:

Many of the ideas to be discussed have been drawn from other disciplines such as law enforcement.

About The Clinician:

Featured clinician is Pearson Award recipient Bob Wertz.

His awards and accomplishments include:

  • The Eddie Pearson Award, which is presented each year for outstanding contributions to soccer refereeing in the United States, was presented to Bob in 2002.
  • Bob currently serves as the Chairman of the Louisiana State Referee Committee and the Region III Referee Representative.. As the Region III representative, Wertz Jr. oversees the referee portion of the Youth Regional Tournament. As the National Referee Representative for the United States Youth Soccer Association, Bob oversees the referee portion of Youth Nationals.
  • Wertz Jr.’s referee administration career dates back to 1982, He served two terms as the National Director of Referee Administration (1988-91 and 1996-97). He worked tirelessly as the chairman of the National Referee Committee for five years.
  • Wertz Jr. is the author of many redesigns and innovations in the referee field. In 1990 he developed the fourth official game log, which was later tested by Brian Hall. He established the Overseas Referee Branch and developed the Referee Administrative Handbook for all referees.
  • He arranged to have the first Referee Summit in 1994 in Orlando, Fla., to develop a Referee Program vision, mission and five- year goal plan. He also established and started the USSF Referee Assignor Program, a major task that included developing the program guidelines; setting and securing approval for program policies.
  • Bob joined us last year for a very well received seminar.
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