Successful recertification season!

March 7, 2004 - The MSRC completed its final recertification clinic today in Westborough, the thirteenth clinic offered since November. In all, nearly 3000 referees attended these clinics to complete their in-service training requirements to maintain their referee certification. Of these more than 730 were "converted" to grade 9 recreational referees.

The focus of this year's recertification program was twofold. For existing grade 11 referees, the charter was clear: provide the missing information to bring these referees forward to grade 9 referees. Material included discussions of offside and the three-person diagonal system of control (DSC). Information on basic referee mechanics and uniform standards was presented.

For referee of other grades (8 and up), the emphasis was on "position papers." It has become clear that US Soccer intends to fill in gray areas of the Laws of the Game with position papers to provide guidance on particular points. Referees need to keep current with these papers in order to be properly prepared with current interpretations on the Laws. Referees were presented specific details on as many as six different position papers.

The scheduling and coordination of the recertification clinics is a gigantic undertaking accomplished by a fantastic staff. This year the clinics were fortunate to have the services of a network of volunteers, helpful referees, many of whom attended multiple clinics and helped with chores of audio-visual equipment setup, registration processing, and providing instructional assistance. With so many clinics in such a short time, the dedication of the instructional staff was tested and the individuals passed with flying colors. Most instructors worked several clinics and all were called upon to adjust at a moment's notice. This team has already met to start planning for next year. Finally, the program simply could not get off the ground without the tireless efforts of the administrative team. These special volunteers stepped forward to offer events in all parts of the state with more organization and better communication than ever before.

Thanks to all who attended a clinic and to those listed below who helped make the 2004 Recertification program a success!

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