Pathway for Success

The purpose of this table is to provide some guidance to referees as they seek to advance and improve their skill level and grade. Please remember that these are recommendations only, and are based on the average amount of experience you might need before considering the next step. The amount of time necessary to reach any given level depends on your own activity, comfort, and ability.

Guiding Table

Years of Experience Number of Games Level of Games Where to Get These Games What You Will Learn
0-2 overall: 0-40
per day: may be assigned 4+
U-10 to U-12 in town, including small sided Town recreational programs MYSA Whistle, signals, game equipment, record keeping, uniform requirements
1-3 Not applicable Upgrade to Grade 8 See upgrade documentation See discussion of grades
1-3 overall: 30-70
per day: usually 3
U-13 to U-16, full sided town leagues; work as both Referee and Assistant Referee (AR) MYSA travel leagues Foul recognition for youth play, offside and basic signals for AR
2-4 overall: 60-90
per day: a 3-game set including two games as AR
U-13 to U-16 open rosters, ARs on U-17 to U-19; recreational tournaments MYSA travel leagues, MAPLE, MYSA Tournaments Foul recognition for high level youth players; signals between referee and AR; tournament experience
3-5 overall: 80-120
per day: not more than a 3 game set
U-17 to U-19 in several competitive leagues, tournaments MTOC, State Cup, Region I Director's League, Super Y Player management of skilled players, dealing with misconduct, team tactics, managing different styles of play
4-6 Minimum 100 Upgrade to grade 7 See upgrade documentation See discussion of grades
4-6 overall: 100-150
per day: 2 or 3
U-17 and above including touranments, Adult games in Recreational leagues; AR for competitive Adult Division 2 games Olympic Development Program (ODP), regional tournaments, NEOTHSL, EMWSL, French River League, CORES, Division 2 of BSSL and MASSL, etc. Adult styles of play and fouls and misconduct, dealing with dissent, recognizing gamesmanship, managing limited substitutions; a more thorough understanding of the role of AR and Diagnoal System of Control
5-7 minimum 125 Upgrade to grade 6 See upgrade documentation See discussion of grades
5-7 overall: 125-200
per day: no more than 2
Adult Division 2; AR in Adult Division 1 EMMSA, CORES, BSSL, MASSL, etc. Refined ability to control Adult level play, advantage, team tactics, identification of key players and events
7-10 Minimum 200 Upgrade to grade 5 See upgrade documentation See discussion of grades
8-10 overall: 200-250
per day: no more than 1 in Pros
Adult Division 1; Professional leagues Interstate Cup competitions, USL Player management of professional level players; professional league protocols and requirements
9+ Minimum 200 Upgrade to grade 4 Contact the SRA See discussion of grades