SDA Carlson Starts New Chapter

August 25, 2002 - State Director of Assessment Ted Carlson has decided not to seek reappointment as SDA. Ted had served as SDA for several years through the late 1980s, and then returned to the post four years ago with much to accomplish. The expanding professional playing divisions in the area added pressure to a staff of assessors which was already stretched thin trying to support rapidly growing youth and amateur divisions. Through it all, Ted has handled the position with poise and expertise. The warmth and strength of his spirit is felt by many.

Given his own high standards, Ted has been frustrated not to have time to get to some projects that he believes need doing. In the last year or two, family and work commitments have grown to compete even more for precious time. It is with compassion for the referee program that he steps aside, ready to assist his successor.

When he comes back from his honeymoon this month, he will undoubtedly face the same challenges at his real job that he has faced in the past (he is a professor at Bunker Hill Community College). But he will be without the paperwork, e-mail, telephone calls and myriad stresses associated with the role of SDA.

We hope that Ted does not go far. As a National Assessor, respected across the country, he is a tremendous asset for all referees. He has served all levels of soccer -- youth, adult, professional -- in the state and in Region I. Beyond US Soccer, he is accomplished in the high school and college referee ranks as well.

Best wishes, Ted. And thanks.