Treanor Named as State Assignor Coordinator

Transition to New Role Commences

May 10, 2004 -- The search for a new State Assignor Coordinator (SAC) has been completed and the MSRC is pleased to announce that Brian Treanor of Watertown will fill the role! In recent years US Soccer and the MSRC has recognized the role of the referee assignor through certification and communication. The group of certfied assignors has grown to over 160 in 2004. The management of this group falls within the purview of the SAC. Treanor replaces SYRA John Utter who was appointed as the first SAC in Massachusetts and has held that role to the present.

Along with his involvement in the MSRC as an Assistant to the SYRA since 2003, Treanor has been a tireless worker for the Middlesex Youth Soccer League as its Referee Coordinator since 2000. He has served as the referee assignor for the MYSL Commissioner's Cup, Billerica Memorial Day Tournament, North Reading Fall Kickoff Classic, and Winchester Veteran's Day Tournaments for several years, and in 2003 assigned the Mass Youth Soccer Tide American Cup.

A number of Treanor's innovations have become a positive influence on both the Middlesex League and other programs following their lead. In particular, his clearly distinguishing the separate role of the referee coordinator as independent of the referee assignor has been a successful model. With assigning left to the assignors, the coordinator assists in a number of areas, specifically related to referee development. In this role Treanor has developed a system of managing referee data and coordinated assessments for referee development.

The referee community is fortunate to have the thoughtful services of Brian Treanor. Please congratulate Brian and provide him your support in his role as State Assignor Coordinator. You can communicate with him at