Middlesex Youth Soccer League Honors Referees

Submitted By Brian Treanor, MYSL Referee Coordinator

On August 5, 2003 the Middlesex Youth Soccer League (MYSL) honored three of its referees with awards as part of the league's recently established referee recognition program. The awards honor the efforts of a male and female youth referee at the league's season ending tournament, the Commissioner's Cup, and the distinguished acts of another referee that went above and beyond the call of duty.

The winners of this year's MYSL referee awards are:

Dr. David Tarr, Westford - MYSL Referee Program Distinguished Service Award
Mr. Jonathan Bram, Winchester - Commissioner's Cup Male Youth Referee of the Tournament
Ms. Meaghan Heinz, Medford - Commissioner's Cup Female Youth Referee of the Tournament

The MYSL Referee Program Distinguished Service Award is a special award and is given to referees who are observed going above and beyond the call of duty in their service to the MYSL referee program. This year's recipient received his award for the selfless act of kindness that he showed toward a fellow referee in need during the Commissioner's Cup tournament. Using his expertise as a podiatrist Dr. Tarr treated a fellow referee that was experiencing very severe problems with his feet at the Commissioner's Cup tournament. So severe were this person's difficulties Dr. Tarr applied emergency treatment on the spot and advised that he discontinue work and call him at his office the following week for further treatment. What makes this act special and deserving of the special award is the fact that the referee he was treating was without health insurance. Dr. Tarr saw and treated this referee at least 2 more times at his office and never asked the patient to pay for his services.

The MYSL Young Referee of the Commissioner's Cup award is given to a male and female referee who not only perform well on the field, as observed by assessors and tournament staff, but who also distinguish themselves as true servants of the tournament.

Mr. Bram, age 21, always had a smile on his face throughout the entire time he was working at the tournament. His positive attitude was remarked upon by all. Jonathan took on a very heavy load of games but never once complained or lost his stride. In addition, if there was something else that needed to be done Jonathan was there to do it. His enthusiasm was contagious and his contribution very much appreciated by the tournament and the MYSL.

Ms. Heinz, in her first year as a Grade 8 referee, was put into numerous matches that stretched and tested her abilities as a referee and she came through them with flying colors with great comments from tournament staff and strong assessments. Like Mr. Bram, Ms. Heinz, age 14, was an example to the other referees at the tournament always staying positive and keeping her head held high even when the heat got turned up in a few games. Additionally, she was very supportive of other young referees at the tournament and even helped out with a fellow young referee who had a hard time with a match.

The MYSL is proud to present our award winners for this year and we ask that you join us in congratulating them.