Pilot Referee Program Takes Shape

To Infinity ... and Beyond

Drawing on observations from representatives of MASS Soccer, Mass Youth Soccer, and referees and administrators from Region I and our own state, the Massachusetts State Referee Committee (MSRC) has established a pilot program squarely aimed at referees who wish to reach their highest level possible. The program began with a kickoff meeting in March, 2003. The initial meeting coincided with the Mass Youth Soccer Workshop and Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Often at the fore of referee education, Massachusetts continues this tradition by addressing topics that will further enhance a referees understanding of key issues in the developmental process to their highest level. Example topics will include:

In addition to focused discussion topics, this program will also educate a referee as to what opportunities currently exist in US Soccer, target specific goals and develop the process of becoming the referee an individual would like to become. Mock training camps similar to the US Soccer's National Referee Camp will also be a part of the curriculum.

Strongly noted in the invitation to the 80+ referees from across the state who were invited to the kickoff meeting was this program is not a "quick fix" or one of the classic "sit and listen" structure. Far more emphasis will be placed on an individual referee to openly participate and interact with their peers in developing a plan to further their referee career. Whether the referee wants to stay in their local youth league, advance to amateur matches, or right up through the MLS, this program will identify a goal, and help derive a process to achieve it on a case-by-case basis.

While the initial list of referees to participate in this program has been chosen, the MSRC is always looking for other interested parties to participate in a variety of roles. If you are interested and feel you can make a significant commitment to forwarding your refereeing career, or assisting someone else in their career, please send email to AndyWeiss@massref.net.

Position Paper The initial thoughts on continuous education that frames the program - 1/20/03

List of Participants The list of participants in the Continuous Education Group