Current Laws Of The Game (.pdf, .pdf Spanish) 03/02/2014
Guide To Procedures (.pdf, .pdf Spanish) 03/02/2014
Advice to Referees on the LOTG (.pdf, .pdf Spanish) 03/02/2014
Amendments to the Laws of the Game 2012-13 (presentation, presentation Spanish) 07/01/2012
Advantage Update (presentation) 06/10/2012
Ask Tell Dismiss (presentation) 06/10/2012
Referee Administrative Handbook (.pdf) 02/01/2011
LOTG Made Easy (.pdf) 11/16/2010
Advice For New Referees (.doc) 10/19/2009
Guide To Procedures Amendment/Update 2009-10 (.pdf) 08/11/2009
Game and Assignment Priority (.pdf) 08/11/2009